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There is quite a bit of interest in Webfoot's in-game music. We often get questions from aspiring musicians asking how to make video game music. Some people are just interested in listening to music from their favorite game soundtrack. This page was created because of all your interest. We will feature favorite tunes, talk about the development of soundtracks, and share some previous unreleased and unused songs that never made it into a game.


Click on 'download' to read an interview. Stay tuned for even more interviews with various game musicians.

download < Interview: How Webfoot Makes Game Music

MP3 Downloads

Click on 'download' to play some featured music with your default music player, or right-click on 'download' to save these MP3 songs to your hard drive. The in-game music has been converted to MP3 format for this web page, however, we never use MP3 format inside games. Stay tuned for a documentary on how we make actual in-game music.

downloadKar Racing Tune

downloadLion Attack Loop from eGames Pinball

downloadUnused "Easy Listening" Version of Super Huey 3 Theme

There is an interesting story behind the music of Forbidden Forest 3. The newer music is based off the original themes written by Paul Norman on the Commodore 64. Paul Norman was the programmer of the original Commodore 64 versions of Forbidden Forest and Super Huey back in the early 1980s. But Paul Norman is better known as a musician, so he also composed the games musical themes. Webfoot wanted to be true to Paul's original creation and therefore preserved his themes in the new 3D games for Windows®. Click on the links below to hear the new music as well as the original 'SID chip' version of the Commodore 64 game.

downloadForbidden Forest 3 Orchestral Variation

downloadDance Sequence from Forbidden Forest 3

downloadOriginal Commodore 64 Version of the Dance Sequence

downloadGame Over Tune from Forbidden Forest 3

downloadOriginal Commodore 64 Version of the Game Over Sequence

Game Soundtrack CDs

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