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The Webfoot Technologies Mobile Division has developed engines, libraries, and servers targeted for the most popular mobile hardware. Webfoot’s capabilities include the Qualcomm® BREW®, Sun J2ME®, and Symbian® mobile platforms. Webfoot was able to bring it’s vast experience with other mobile platforms, such as PalmOS®, Microsoft® PocketPC®, and Nintendo Gameboy® Advance to mobile phones.

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Key Technologies

With extensive experience developing games for console platforms combined with over 12 years in the video game industry, Webfoot was able to bring key technologies to mobile platforms. These technologies include:

Link-Up Games

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An online network of multi-player games for cell phones! Gamers can now compete head-to-head whether they are standing in line at the grocery store, or relaxing at home. All that's needed is a mobile internet link and a login at LinkUp Games™. LinkUp Games™ networking servers and client software were developed by Webfoot Technologies and clients currently run on the Qualcomm® BREW® and Sun J2ME® platforms. Additional clients are planned for Windows® and MacOS X®.

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