About Webfoot

Webfoot develops video games and state-of-the art 3D engines for Nintendo Wii®, Nintendo Dual Screen®, Gameboy Advance®, Windows®, Apple iPhone® iPad® Macintosh® OSX, Linux®, PalmOS®, and PocketPC® platforms. These products are available through both retail and online channels.

In addition, the Webfoot team has created a suite of tools for quickly creating breathtaking software at an unprecidented pace. These tools also allow for portability to a variety of platforms, including Windows®, Macintosh®, Linux®, and JAVA®based systems.


The Webfoot team also has experience creating games on other platforms including the 3DO®, Sega Genesis®, CPC, Amiga®, and Sony Playstation®.

If you would like to distribute or re-sell our products, or if you would like to hire our team to develop a new game, please contact us at:

Webfoot Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 15
Lemont, IL 60439

Phone: 630.257.3366 ask for Janet at extension 214

The History of Webfoot

Founded in 1993, Webfoot is now one of the most experienced game developers in the industry. Webfoot's first games ran under Microsoft®DOS and included such titles as TwinBlok®, Tronic®, H2O®and Interpost®. Windows 3.1®titles followed including the cult-classic Erik Hermansenn's D.R.O.D.®, Deadly Rooms of Death.

In the years that followed, Webfoot has developed a catalog of titles across multiple platforms. Dozens of casual and arcade games have been released for Nintendo Gameboy Advance®, Nintendo DS®, Nintendo Wii®, Windows®and Apple®Macintosh and iPhone® by publishers such as THQ®/Valuesoft®, Atari®, GT Interactive®, Wizard Works®, Cosmi®, eGames®, Sybex®, Greenstreet Software®, and MacSoft®. These titles include the ever popular Frog Frenzy®, Super Huey III®, Pinball Master®, Crystalize® and Texas Hold'em High Stakes Poker®.

More recently, Webfoot has expanded its development capabilities and has been creating software for the popular Apple iPad® and iPhone®, and Nintendo®console platforms such as the Nintendo Wii®, Nintendo DS®, and Gameboy Advance®. Products released include the best-selling series of hit games for Atari®based on the Dragon Ball Z®television series. Other licensed games include Tonka®Trucks, My Little Pony®, Hello Kitty®, Fancy Nancy®, and American Girl®.

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