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How to use this site

How many times have you purchased software in a store and got home to find out you didn't like the program, or that the program wouldn't work on your computer? Well, our extensive pages of information and demos are available to you so that your experience with a Webfoot product is a pleasant one.

This site is intended to allow customers to learn about and try demos of our products. The demos are provided as a free service in order to empower the consumer so that they can make sure they actually LIKE a program before purchase. In addition, the free demos allow users to make sure the program will work on their specific hardware configuration.

NOTICE: Not all products have demos currently available. Depending on our agreement with a publisher or distributor, we may not be legally able to provide a downloadable demo of a program. However, we will include screen-shots and other important information on each product, so that you can judge for yourself if that product is right for you.

How to try games

Demos can be downloaded from each product's catalog page. Most games have online demos available so that you can try a product before giving up your hard-earned cash to purchase one. This way, you can make sure you like the game, and you can also make sure you can get it running. Due to size and legal restrictions, not all games have downloadable demos!

How to buy games

Most games are available for purchase both online and at retail stores world-wide.

Retails outlets that carry our games include Walmart, Best Buy, CompUSA, K-Mart, Target, Office Depot, and other fine stores. Look on each product's catalog page to view a picture of the package, so that you know what to look for in stores. If you can't find the product in your store, please ask for it. Chances are they have it in stock, otherwise they can order it for you.

Most games can be ordered online from our online store. With online purchases, you can download and play the game immediately. You will need a little computer know-how in order fill-out the online order form and download the game. See the help page in our online store for more detailed instructions.

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