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Fear Factor Delirium

Fun, humorous, gross... and ADDICTIVE! Bite into the spiders, maggots and other nasty, squirming pieces so you can jam them into the puzzle. Avoid the voids, guys! Splatter the matter by packing those tasty treats into solid rows and watch them dissolve in stomach acid! Take a couple antacids together and create an explosion of acid rain! Bite into too many bad spots though, and you'll kick the bucket... CHUCK BUCKET, that is! Each level gets harder and faster. If the food items top out, you'll be too sick to continue and it'll be GAME OVER! Do you have what it takes? Can you hang in there to level 20? Is fear a factor for you? DELIrium has multiple (20) puzzle levels with truly sick and unique graphics. Puzzles progress to higher levels of difficulty and the many forms of combinations allow for the biggest scores and rewarding gameplay... DELIruim is something you can really sink your teeth into! Available soon!


  • 20 puzzle levels
  • Addictive gameplay!
  • Different gross backgrounds
  • Gross wiggling animated pieces


Mobile Phones

System Requirements

  • Qualcomm® BREW or j2me® handset
  • Color display


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